Book Three (Resonance) Update

Hello Everyone.

Sorry I haven’t posted much here lately. Just thought I’d give a quick update on Book Three’s progress.

In two weeks, the cover will be revealed and preorders will begin on Amazon. I don’t have a finalized release date right now, but I will when the preorder begins. I can say it will be in November.

And yes, that’s so much later than I had hoped and planned.

This book has proven very difficult to write. I can’t begin to explain why, because I’m not too sure of the answer. My thinking is it has more to do with me personally than it does the actual material. To be honest, the story has me pretty excited. It took me places I hadn’t originally planned for, but am very glad I discovered.

And as a little heads up, the cover will be entirely different from the original work in progress I posted earlier. When I decided to split the last book into two, I didn’t think the direction of the cover was correct, so that’s gone back to the drawing board too. I look forward to sharing the new, and finished, cover with you in two weeks.

Thanks for hanging in there. I know this one has had several delays, and I am entirely to blame. I can only hope when you finally have it in your hands you think it was worth the wait.

More soon,


Snow Crash Book Review

Book Review of Neal Stephenson’s Cyberpunk novel, Snow Crash

A book review on Neal Stephenson’s Cyberpunk novel, Snow Crash. This is a general review for the entire book with minimal spoilers (no worse than reading the book’s cover).

Snow Crash was nominated for both the British Science Fiction Award in 1993, and the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 1994.

End Credit Music:
How It Begins Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

The Bleeding Worlds Gets a Fourth Book

I’ve been fighting this for a while, but as Resonance quickly approaches the final word count of the previous two books, there’s no denying it any longer—there needs to be a fourth book.

This novel is about characters making themselves whole and finding their place in the traumatized universe Suture ended with. Those themes are starkly at odds with a large part of the remaining narrative which deserves only one title; Ragnarok.

My plan was to end The Bleeding Worlds with book three so I could move on to new stories. But I also promised myself, and all of you amazing readers, I would deliver the end the series deserves. In order to do that, and not make you all wait another six months, it only makes sense to let Resonance tell its own story and leave the rest for a fourth novel.

I hope you welcome this news with “That’s great, more to read!” as opposed to “I wish he’d just wrap this crap up.” I suppose the answer won’t be clear until you’ve all had the chance to read Resonance. I’m working toward an October release date. Yes, it’s later than I wanted. But I hope the extra time will produce an even better product.

Thank you all for continuing to support the series and being patient with me. I’ll have tangible results soon.

All the best,


Anime Club Launch! Hamatora

The Anime Club portion of my YouTube channel officially launches with this video.

I’ll be watching Hamatora starting this week, and I hope some of you will choose to watch along!

Interact using the social media links on this page, or even comment on this post.

Hope you all check it out and enjoy!


Are Marvel Comics Preparing the Way for New Actors?

thor-001The big news that a woman will soon be wielding Thor’s hammer got me thinking…

Not too long ago, Chris Evans, current Captain America in the Marvel Film Universe, revealed his intention to leave the role after his six film contract was done. That’s not all. Robert Downey Jr. is done with Marvel after Avengers 2 & 3. Chris Hemsworth has the same number left as Chris Evans.

Now, Marvel has said they aren’t really into reboots. In fact, Kevin Feige, who heads Marvel Studios, says he has a rough timeline going to 2028 for the Marvel movies. So either we won’t see these roles again, or they have to be recast.

But what if the comic books, those wonderful beacons of light which guided these movies to success in the first place, showed the way? What if they found a fan friendly way to have someone else take on these roles. There would be no need to have fans be disoriented by a “new” Tony Stark, they would just be shown someone new in the armor. Thor wouldn’t be a new person, we’d see the hammer being handed over. In essence, the comics could forge a new path for these characters with new people occupying the role long before the movies catch up and require new casting.

So we now have two of the three roles recast in the comics. Steve Rogers will soon be replaced as Captain America. And now the news this week that Thor will also be replaced. If, in the next year, these changes stand and we have a new Iron Man, I’d say this is a done deal. After all, we probably have at least three to four years before Avengers 3. If that’s the case, Marvel comics have four years to get comic fans happy with the new versions of these characters. Then it’s just up to Marvel movies to make it happen.

Maybe like a massive throw down with Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet would cause some of our heroes to bow out of their current roles and hand the power to someone else? Is it just a coincidence that the three big players all have their contracts ending with Avengers 3?

I haven’t seen anyone say this. Maybe because they’re all too busy freaking out about Thor being a woman. I say, meh. The character design actually looks pretty cool, and it could provide material for some amazing new arcs, especially if the new Thor isn’t Asgardian.

So what do you think? Is this just more comic reshuffling to build hype, or part of a larger plan to aid the movie universe down the road?

Revelation Game – New Cover & Totally Free

In September of 2013 I released a short novella (about 15,000 words) called Revelation Game.

It was one of those stories that snuck up on me and refused to go away until it was written.

Since then, it’s been available exclusively on Amazon.

Until Today!

As of today, Revelation Game is 100% free for all time. That’s right, no sale, no time limit, it’s FREE!

To be honest, I decided to do this because a) it’s not selling and b) I like it and want it in the hands of more readers.

So you officially have nothing to lose. You can download the Epub directly from my site, or head over to Smashwords and grab whatever format you want.

And to celebrate the change, Revelation Game is sporting a swanky new cover. Hope you all check it out and enjoy!