Hello Everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted much here lately. Just thought I’d give a quick update on Book Three’s progress. In two weeks, the cover will be revealed and preorders will begin on Amazon. I don’t have a finalized release date right now, but I will when the preorder begins. I can say it will […]

I’ve been fighting this for a while, but as Resonance quickly approaches the final word count of the previous two books, there’s no denying it any longer—there needs to be a fourth book. This novel is about characters making themselves whole and finding their place in the traumatized universe Suture ended with. Those themes are […]


The Anime Club portion of my YouTube channel officially launches with this video. I’ll be watching Hamatora starting this week, and I hope some of you will choose to watch along! Interact using the social media links on this page, or even comment on this post. Hope you all check it out and enjoy! JR


In September of 2013 I released a short novella (about 15,000 words) called Revelation Game. It was one of those stories that snuck up on me and refused to go away until it was written. Since then, it’s been available exclusively on Amazon. Until Today! As of today, Revelation Game is 100% free for all […]