More and more, video games become my source of entertainment and inspiration. Particularly with the rise of Indie games and even large studios taking a chance on less “commercial” games. With the age of downloads, iTunes Stores, etc, companies seem far more willing to take a chance with more niche projects. A game I recently […]


I’ve always been more of a Marvel fan. In terms of Comics, Batman was the only DC character whose monthly issues I purchased regularly. On the other hand, I had numerous Marvel titles including the heavies, X-Men & Spiderman. I never got into Captain America. To be honest, I always assumed he could never exist […]


In an effort to stay better connected with my readers, I’ve created a mailing list. Privacy I’ve set up the list with MailChimp. They’ve been around for many years and comply with international standards on Spam, and Privacy, controls. Also, I am the one acting as list admin and the one sending out all the […]