Anime Supremacy Light Novel Review

Review of the light novel Anime Supremacy by Mizuki Tsujimura.
A love letter to anime fans and in particular those fans who become involved in the anime industry.

TITLE: Anime Supremacy
AKA: ハケンアニメ!

AUTHOR: Mizuki Tsujimura
PUBLISHER (English): Vertical
RELEASE DATE (English): October 3, 2017

PUBLISHER (Japan): Magazinehouse
RELEASE DATE (Japan): August 2014
VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date): 1 (standalone novel)

From the back cover:

Japanese animation—the globally acclaimed, family-friendly theatrical features are the exception rather than the rule for a TV-oriented industry that has been pushed into late-night slots in an era of fragmented audiences. When only three titles among fifty might turn a profit, topping the charts is hardly an overambitious aim.
Yet as three women, a producer, a director, and an animator, survive in a business infamous for its murderous schedules, demoralizing compromises, and incorrigible men, moments of uplift emerge against all odds—and how. More than just a window into an entertainment niche, here’s a kickass ode to work.


The copy for this review was provided by the publisher. No other money was exchanged and all opinions are my own.

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