Harbinger – The Bleeding Worlds Book One



Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Action/Adventure

Release Date: October 30, 2012

Our earth is one of many, all of them connected, all in danger.

At a young age, seventeen year old Gwynn Dormath, lost the ones he loved. Since then he’s kept the world at a distance. But he’s tired of being alone, and one girl in particular, Sophia, has him wishing for more. When she asks him out for Halloween, he eagerly accepts.

But their night goes horribly wrong. A prank explodes, leaving Sophia injured, and awakening an ancient power in Gwynn–the power of gods like Odin and Zeus. Gwynn will never be able to flee from the world again. Instead, he finds himself tied to the fates of multiple Earths.

With his abilities he could save the world. Or fate might’ve decreed his powers signal the end of all worlds.

Harbinger is a young adult paranormal thriller, part one of The Bleeding Worlds series.

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