A Celebrity Delivers Solid Advice

I’m not a big fan of celebrities. Even when they do something “good” it seems to be self-serving. Perhaps that’s because they’re always in the spotlight. Who knows?

But every now and then, something comes out of one of their mouths that leaves me impressed. This happened yesterday when I saw a video of Ashton Kutcher accepting an award at the Teen Choice Awards.

You all remember Ashton – the lovable airhead from That 70’s Show, and a bunch of other things I’ve never watched. He’s got a new film coming out in which he plays Steve Jobs. And perhaps it was walking in Jobs’ shoes that inspired this particular speech.

The comments on YouTube point out that the vast majority of kids won’t appreciate these words until they’re much older. And perhaps that’s true. On the other hand, if his words inspire just one kid, or give comfort to a handful of other kids who are living their lives this way, then it was more than worth it. I think in our society, where everything is disposable and much of our innovations appear aimed at making life easier, it’s a good message to hammer home that the road isn’t always easy. I especially like his comment that he ‘never had a job he was better than.’

Kudos Mr. Kutcher. I might just watch the Jobs biopic with a higher level of regard for you.