The Devil is a Part-Timer Volume 7 Light Novel Review

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Review of the light novel The Devil is a Part-Timer Volume 7 by Satoshi Wagahara


TITLE: The Devil is a Part-Timer AKA: Hataraku Maou-sama!, はたらく魔王さま!

AUTHOR: Satoshi Wagahara


PUBLISHER (English): Yen On

RELEASE DATE (English): April 18, 2017

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PUBLISHER (Japan): Dengeki Bunko (ACII Media Works)

RELEASE DATE (Japan): February 10, 2013

VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date): 17 (Last volume released May 10, 2017)

ANIME SERIES: 13 episodes (aired April-June 2013) Covered volumes 1-2

From the back cover:

A door-to-door fraudster arrives in the neighborhood, swindling Urushihara! Already strapped for cash, Maou visits the office to contest the transaction, only to find himself tongue-tied at their vehement refusal! Unable to face the heat, is Maou truly out forty-five thousand yen?! Not if the Hero has anything to say about it… Other adventures await Maou and the crew in this volume of short stories–from becoming new cat owners to a family shopping trip to the story of how Chiho met Maou.