new light novel releases for march 2020

Light Novel Releases for March 2020

In this video I’m talking about the light novel series making their debut during the month of March 2020.
There’s only 5 to discuss and J-Novel Club publishes 4 of them! That said, there’s a mix of Sci-Fi, Romance, and typical light novel zaniness!

For the entire list of light novels releasing in March visit:

In the video I cover:
Crest of the Stars Collected Edition Volumes 1-3 (paperback)(ebook released earlier)
Releasing March 03, 2020 — ISBN-13: 978-1718350700

The Invincible Shovel Volume 1 (ebook)(paperback will release in May)
eBooks Releasing March 12, 2020 — ASIN: B084JFDBQW

Can Someone Please Explain What’s Going On? Volume 1 (ebook)
Releasing March 16, 2020 — ASIN: B083QVVXDK

Bibliophile Princess Volume 1 (ebook)
Released March 17, 2020 — ASIN: B0849YRFP7

The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap Volume 1 (ebook)
Releasing March 24, 2020 — ASIN: B083NQXHZF