may these leaden battlefields leave no trace volume 1 light novel review

May These Leaden Battlegrounds Leave No Trace Vol.1 Light Novel Review

Review of the light novel May These Leaden Battlegrounds Leave No Trace Volume 1 by Kei Uekawa — “上川 景.

*Note* was originally advertised as The Penetrated Battlefield Should Disappear  

Review is of the official English release from Yen On. 

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Japanese Title: 撃ち抜かれた戦場は、そこで消えていろ — “Uchinukareta Senjou wa, Soko de Kieteiro”

Author: Kei Uekawa — “上川 景

Illustrator: TEDDY /Mechanical Designs by Naohiro Washio

Publisher (English): Yen On

Translator: Roman Lempert

Release Date (English): July 21, 2020

Publisher (Japan): Fujimi Fantasia Bunko

Release Date (Japan): January 2019

Volumes Released (Japan to Date): 3

Anime Series: None

Manga: None

Synopsis: For a hundred years, East and West have waged a ferocious war with everything from tanks to witchcraft. On this savage battlefield, one young soldier from the East learns of the daemon’s bullet-and that anyone struck by it will disappear from the world as if they had never existed…