seraph of the end guren ichinose resurrection at nineteen volume 1 light novel review

Seraph of the End Guren Ichinose Resurrection at Nineteen Volume 1 Review

Review of the light novel Seraph of the End Guren Ichinose: Resurrection at Nineteen Volume 1
by Takaya Kagami .
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Japanese Title: 終わりのセラフ 一瀬グレン、19歳の世界再誕 “Owari no Serafu – Ichinose Guren, 19-sai no Sekai Ressurection”
Author: Takaya Kagami — 鏡 貴也
Illustrator: Yo Asami — 浅見 よう
Publisher (English): Vertical
Translator: James Balzer
Release Date (English): December 31, 2019
Publisher (Japan): Kodansha Lightnovel
Release Date (Japan): December 27, 2017
Volumes Released (Japan to Date): 2
Anime Series: Not of the light novels. Anime was based on the Seraph of the End manga
Manga: Prequel to the manga Seraph of the End

Synopsis: After the events of Seraph of the End: Catastrophe at Sixteen… Guren Ichinose has committed a grievous sin—by bringing his friends back to life, he has violated the iron-clad taboo against human resurrection, and the Seraph of the End has brought the human race to its knees. The only survivors are demons and children, and those few who remain are threatened by rampaging monsters and callous vampires rounding up human beings like cattle. Faced with overwhelming despair, the survivors band together in hopes of reviving their world.
Tormented by the sin he has committed and unable to share the burden with his friends, Guren sets out on a new journey amid the ruins of the world he himself destroyed. But is he man or demon, savior or angel of death? Not even he knows for sure.