Smashwords Summer Sale! FREE BOOKS!!!!

Hello everyone!

Summer often conjures images of reading–whether by the beach, or in the cool air conditioning. So it’s a perfect time for a huge book sale.

Smashwords, the ebook retailer specializing in indie authors, is offering a wide selection of books with coupons from 25% to 100%.

This year, I’m participating by setting Harbinger at the 100% off coupon level.

Suture is 50% off.

Resonance is 25% off.

And naturally Revelation Game is free, like it always is 😉

You can link to all of the books from my Smashwords profile page.

But it’s not just about my books. Smashwords has a catalogue filled with deals. You can find the sales catalogue via this link.

So if you’re new here, or have been waiting for the perfect time to check out The Bleeding Worlds, now is a great time. And hey, maybe you’ll find some other new authors to become excited about!

Happy book buying.