Still Alive

It’s been a while since I was last here.  Thanks to all those who’ve hung in there and stayed subscribed.

So far I’ve realised that having my kids home all day, every day, is the fastest way to kill any future I have in writing.  Between keeping them entertained and keeping them from killing each other, I’ve had my hands full.

Also, my wife’s photography career is taking off.  While this is fantastic news for her and our family, I’ve been really focused on helping her out with her web designs, marketing and generally being around as a sounding board.

All this, and we’ve had a recent death in the family.

In short, I’m not getting much writing done, either here on the blog, or on The Veil.  This may be the status quo until school resumes in September.  In the meantime, my mind continues to work away on ideas.  Hopefully sooner than later I’ll have something to show for it.