Still Here, Thanks to You!

Years back, when I started my writing journey in ernest, Twitter was a huge source of support and learning. I had numerous conversations with others who were in the same place I was, and it helped me feel less alone and clueless.

Yesterday, I got it in my head to clean up my Twitter account. One thing I did was sorted out the accounts which seemed inactive.

Looking at those abandoned accounts, with anywhere from six months to four years of inactivity, I recognized many of the names and faces of those same people I connected with. I don’t know if they’re truly gone, but it strikes me that if they had writing they wished to share and discuss, their Twitter accounts would still be alive.

I can only surmise they gave up on their journey.

Which is sad.

But I also realized that after five or more years, I’m still here. I’m still writing. The Bleeding Worlds continues to find new homes. My Twitter account still breathes (though mostly by posting stuff I love, as opposed to conversations).

And the reason is one simple thing. You.

Yes, all you wonderful people who buy my books, who visit this meandering blog, who watch/subscribe to my YouTube channel, and who follow my Twitter account, you have helped keep those things alive.

I’m so very thankful.

As much as writing book four is proving to be a challenge, I stick with it because all of you have given me the drive to see it exist. I can’t just give up, because I not only owe it to myself, but more importantly, I owe it to all of you.

So thank you. Thank you all for supporting my dream, for giving me a reason to still be here.

Thank you for making the work feel worth doing.

Not much to update on Book Four, Ragnarok, other than to say it continues to grow. Every day I find new things that excite and/or frustrate me. I hope to have a concrete release date soon.

But until then, much Love and Appreciation,