The Hero’s Journey Part 5 – Crossing The First Threshold

To recap: Our hero started in his ordinary world.  He received a call to adventure.  Initially, he refused the call.  Then, a mentor approached and provided the hero with tools and insight he needed.  It is time for the hero to fully commit to the other realm.  In order to do so, the hero must cross the first threshold.

Approaching the Threshold

Our hero has had much of his fear and doubt alleviated by the intervention of his mentor.  This doesn’t mean he is going to readily accept all of it and plunge head first into action.  The adventure might not be personal enough for the hero to journey forth.  This is the final precipice.  What will finally push the hero onward?  That’s up to you, but it could be the kidnapping of a loved one, or a force of nature might force the hero forward.  In the end, at this point the hero needs a shove.

Threshold Guardians

Making the cross to the world of adventure is not going to be easy.  Often the path is blocked by a Threshold Guardian.

Guardians are not always obstacles that need to be tackled.  Often, they are only emotional blockades to the hero that need to be acknowledged.  Defeating the challenge they represent can deliver important insight to the hero that will aid in later steps of his quest.  They can present physical, mental or morality types of challenges.  A threshold guardian could be as simple as the hero’s father telling them they are not allowed to go out.

The Leap of Faith

The hero has defeated the guardian.  Now, they stand with one foot in their ordinary world and the other dangles over the cliff into the next.  They must now make a leap of faith and plunge into the other world.  By finally crossing the threshold the hero commits himself entirely to the quest.  There is no turning back.

Charting the hero’s transition could be as simple as climbing out a window, or as treacherous as crossing a desert.  In either case, the hero has finally accepted his destiny and made his move into the realm of adventure.

Entering the Other World

The hero’s entrance to the other world does not have to be a smooth one.  Maybe he falls out the window, or perhaps his initial thoughts of the other world are shattered by its realities.  In either case, he is now here, and the adventure truly begins.

Next, our hero is put to the test, meets new allies and new enemies.