Today Gave My Faith in Humanity a Boost

When you spend your working hours listening to misery, being sworn at, and hearing tales of abuse, domestic assault, etc, it becomes very easy to be cynical about humanity.

Thankfully, today has given a gentle nudge to my opinion of my fellow world inhabitants.

It started this morning with the realization someone had cut our front lawn. Now, it wasn’t a neighborhood eyesore or anything, but it was in need of a trim. I hate yard work but had prepared myself to doing it. Well, I didn’t have to, because a very nice person did it for me (I’m guessing my neighbor, as we share a lawn).

Then, my eldest son was supposed to be going to a sports day. He’s autistic and in a developmental skills class. Once a year, all the DS classes in the region come to a local high school and participate in sports which have been tailored for their athletic abilities. Apparently, something happened at the host high school and they had to cancel.

Now, a disappointed autistic child, especially the type who can have sudden and violent outbursts, is frightening. But, there was a silver lining.

My son participates in the recycling club at school. He loves feeling like he contributes. There was a big workshop today at the school board offices that he was going to miss because of the sports day. Well, since it was canceled, a number of teachers and educational assistants worked together to see that he could go. This made him very happy.

Finally, I went through a drive thru to get some lunch for my wife and I. As I pulled up to the window to pay, I realized I’d left my wallet at home. I was very embarrassed and apologetic and told the staff at the window to cancel the order as I couldn’t pay.

A very friendly older lady was working at the window and she told me to “just stay there.” She came back with my food and said to consider it an early Father’s Day gift.

Right now I’m practically glowing. It really is the little bits of kindness people show that make this world wonderful.

Thank you to all. Those involved will probably never read this, but let the universe know I appreciated your actions and it made a difference.

All the best to you,