When is the Right Time to Announce Your Book?

Having sat and read most of my first novel, I’ve realised that with the edits I’ve made, and the edits I see, that the book is worth releasing. And yes, I want to tell the whole story, so every six months or so, another book will come out.

But what I wonder is, at what point do I announce the book? At what point do I put it into Goodreads and make myself into an Author profile? My current plan is to edit the book in July, but to give myself some space for critiques and further edits, I want to release in October. So when should I put it into Goodreads?

Do I wait until it’s ready for release? Or do I give myself a deadline so I need to stick to it?

I’m wondering what other writers think/do. This is one post I’d really appreciate feedback on.

My thinking right now is that I should put the book into Goodreads in July when I see how my edits are going; about the time I send it out to beta readers. ┬áThis way, there’s some time to build awareness of the book, and it’s already close to being a complete work, so making the deadline I set is much more likely.

So, what are your thoughts? When is the right time to tell the world your book is going to be born?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. I’ve posted this same question to all my social networks and if I get a decent response, I’ll do a follow-up post.