Changes, Releases, and Where I’ve Been

As you can see, the website is in the midst of an overhaul. This is in anticipation of the release of my first novel, Harbinger, Book One of The Bleeding Worlds series. I’m proud of the book, and eager about it’s impending release. The current plan is to have the book available October 30th. Not much time to do full blown promotions, but as Halloween features prominently in the story’s setup, it feels like the appropriate time to release.

As to where I’ve been, well, I’ve been right here, working. As I posted some time ago, I made the decision to go independent with my book releases. I could write a lengthy article about why, but the simple answer is, I’m a control freak. And the amount of time I’ve been spending to make the ebook and print version look just right proves it. I’m very excited to release this book into the world. It’s been a long road getting to this point.

In the next two weeks, expect to see the official cover reveal, as well as a post of the first chapter.