Changing Titles Changes Emotions

Or… Why I Hate My Blog, But Might Enjoy My Journal.

When I started this particular writing journey, I created a blog as a component of my website. I didn’t do it out of desire, it resulted from the plethora of advice which said a blog was necessary.

As you can tell from my infrequent posts, I rather despise blogging.

See, a blog is a tool for attracting customers. Well, that’s the thinking for Indie Writers. We are to write focused articles of 200-300 words, attract a specific and dedicated fan base, then sell that audience our work. But in not too pushy a way, because it will turn people off. Oh, and we need to blog on a specific timeline as it will ensure consistent traffic to our website.

I hate it. Too much pressure, too much structure, and it seems insincere.

Recently, Neil Gaiman redesigned his website (an odd segue, but stick with me). I went to visit and noticed his blog was labelled “Journal.”

It’s probably been that way from the start, but this time the difference in terms made an impact on me. I might hate trying to write blog articles, but I could enjoy writing journal entries. My life will probably never be as interesting as Neil Gaiman’s, but it doesn’t mean I have nothing to say.

Unlike a blog, with its set rules and goals, a journal suggests freedom–a place to say whatever is important to me without constraints of audience building, consistency of message, or trying to be a salesman.

So the Blog is done. In its place, the Journal rises from the ashes.

Is it that big a difference? I believe so. And since this is my world, my beliefs are pretty important.

Besides, I figure most of you are here because of a) a specific article or b) you already like my writing. So I don’t need a blog to sell to you, do I?

Hope to be talking to you all more soon,


PS…Book Four is underway. I don’t have a specific release date, but it’ll be in the 3rd quarter of this year (July-September).