Choosing the Right Title & The Call

In the spirit of my previous post, I present to you some articles I found very interesting and helpful.

Understand also, I include these because one day I know I’ll want to go back and look at them.

The first is a post by Chuck Wendig about Choosing the right title for your work. I really enjoyed how he shared insights but also his own insecurities about a fairly critical task.

While on the title kick, here’s a quick link from Bubblecow on coming up with a good title.  Good ideas to consider!

Finally, I pass on a link I discovered while in my Twitter chats last night.  Sending out queries to agents to get represented is a pretty big step.  Waiting, as many participants related, sounds horribly nerve-wracking.  But when the agent calls, how do you know they are the right fit?  What kinds of questions should you ask to keep from getting into a messy business relationship?  That’s the purpose of this link, The Call or What to Ask a Literary Agent When Offered Representation.

Hope these help on your own journey!

2 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Title & The Call”

  1. Thanks to the link to my post about titles. When speaking to writers I am still surprised that many don’t consider the ‘searchability’ of their titles in Google and on Amazon – essential in my view.

    1. I thought that was a brilliant insight. As you said, seems simple & should be common sense, but I think creative people become obsessed more with their title being original & cool. It blinds them to the more real world aspect of keeping it simple.

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