Doctor Who Love-in, or, Passin’ on the genre love

Everything I’ve posted so far has been about writing advice.  To be sure, as I discover new and wondrous things on this writing journey, I will pass it on.  But my six year old son (my youngest) did something today that just inspired me to make this a personal blog entry.  He came up to me and, word for word, quoted the first episode of the new season of Doctor Who.  I asked my wife how many times he had watched it.  She responded that he had seen it three times, as well as three times for the second episode.  My youngster’s greatest ambition at the moment is obtaining a sonic screwdriver.

This brought to mind the scene in my household only a few days earlier, when all four of us sat down in the living room and watched these latest episodes of Doctor Who.  Myself, my wife and my two boys (who rarely can be in the same room let alone watch the same show) all enraptured by a tale of a mad man and his box.

When I was a boy, this same scene played out with my Dad and I.  It is my Dad that I have to thank for my healthy love for science-fiction, fantasy, reading, movies and yes, Doctor Who.  I recall when Star Trek The Next Generation premiered, we planned our whole day out to ensure we were front and center when it began.  He took me to see all the Star Wars movies when they were in theatres (the originals).  He read me the Wind in the Willows when I was a boy and passed on his complete collection of Hardy Boys novels.  As a child I was ignorant to the many hours he spent putting stickers on and assembling various Transformers, GI Joe and other toys.  In short, everything I love today, I can trace back to those earliest times I shared with my Dad.  And now, I am doing the same with my own boys.

When I lost my Dad to cancer in September of 2009, I don’t think I realised this as strongly as I do now.  As I plunder through my work in progress, pouring all the thoughts and desires of a sci-fi/fantasy, anime loving geek into it, I pause to think that it is my Dad who helped me find these things.  When the day comes that I write “The End” it will be in no small part thanks to him.

I’m particularly blessed, because I found a woman who loves all things geek perhaps more than I do.  I never drag her to see The Matrix or such, it is she leading me.  And now we sit with our boys, cuddled on the couch, watching Doctor Who.  My role is reversed.  My boys look to me with wide eyes and ask about the past Doctors, or about the shows and movies I watched when I was younger.  As they get older, I’m sharing more and more of these with them.  I understand the bond it creates between us and I realise how much I miss my Dad.

Is Doctor Who the greatest TV show ever created?  Well, I suppose that’s debatable.  In our household, greatest or not, it certainly is magical.

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who Love-in, or, Passin’ on the genre love”

  1. Ok, I enjoyed tweeting back and forth with you before, but after reading this, I’m convinced we’re related 🙂

    The first “The End” is incredible. I wrote mine nearly two years ago, and my second around a year ago. I still haven’t found the right agent or publishing house, but it will happen, just like it will happen for you. Hang in there, and don’t get discouraged, and make sure you’re always writing for the one who should be your biggest fan, yourself. 🙂

    Oh yeah, and AMY POND TOTALLY RULES! 😉


    P.S. What genre is your novel?

    1. Thanks very much for visiting! I am looking forward to reaching the end. My book’s a Fantasy mixed with a healthy dose of Sci-Fi, probably aimed at the 14-25 market, though I am writing it and I’m a touch on the plus side of 25 🙂

      Best of luck with your writing and getting it out there! Look forward to more Twitter interactions!

      And yeah, Amy Pond does kinda rule. I’m sure there’s a whole lot of young Who fans that will list her as their first TV crush, and for good reason 😉

  2. I haven’t yet checked out the new Who. But I grew up with the Jon Pertwee era. There is nothing more guaranteed to send shivers down my spine than the theme tune (and indeed Jon himself). Dr Who gave me a creative education beyond measure.

    1. Me as well, though I was more into the Tom Baker years. He was my Doctor. I remember being floored when he regenerated into Peter Davison! You really should check out the relaunch of the series. It has filled me with childish geek glee! Thanks so much for visiting!

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