I Have a Kobo! Send me links to buy your books!!!!

A video post showing some love to my newest acquisition, a Kobo! Yes, after kicking and screaming for some time, I have finally joined the ebook band wagon.

2 thoughts on “I Have a Kobo! Send me links to buy your books!!!!”

  1. I had a first-gen Kobo and ended up ditching it for a second-gen Kindle. I have the best of both worlds. For Canadian books that I can’t buy at Amazon.com, I buy them from Kobo and then convert them to the Kindle format and transfer to my Kindle. It’s not trivial to do this however: you have to unencrypt the Kobo epub version (Adobe Digital Editions) using Python scripts available online, and then use the Calibre ebook management software to convert them to mobi format which you can then transfer to Kindle via USB. I did this with all the ebooks I had previously purchased for Kobo, and recently did it again as I had an Indigo gift card that otherwise I couldn’t use (I don’t buy paper books much anymore).

    1. I’m pretty happy with my Kobo so far. Though the limited selection of Kobo’s site is a bit of a pain. I don’t know. Maybe when my Kobo dies I’ll look at a Kindle.

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