King of the Labyrinth Volume 1 Light Novel Review

King of the Labyrinth Volume 1 Review

Light Novel Review of King of the Labyrinth Volume 1 Cry of the Minotaur by Shien Bis – 支援BIS.
Review is of the official English release from Yen On.
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Japanese Title: 迷宮の王 — “Meikyu no Ou”
Author: Shien Bis – 支援BIS
Illustrator: Shoko MEGURO – 目黒詔子
Publisher (English): Yen On
Translator: Luke Hutton
Release Date (English): January 19, 2021
Publisher (Japan): Legend Novels
Release Date (Japan): January 9, 2019
Volumes Released (Japan to Date): 3 (Complete)
Anime Series: No
Manga: No

Synopsis: On the tenth floor of the labyrinth awaits the minotaur. Many brave adventurers have challenged this great beast, all have thoroughly failed. “More!” Demands the powerful monster. “Send me more powerful opponents!” This creature blindly pursues strength at any cost. Perhaps it will even grow strong enough to surpass the rules of the labyrinth itself! Can any adventurer hope to stand against such a mighty creature?