Pretty Boy Detective Club Volume 2 Review

Pretty Boy Detective Club Volume 1 Review

Light Novel Review of Pretty Boy Detective Club Volume 2 The Swindler, the Vanishing Man, and the Pretty Boys by Nisioisin – 西尾 維新
Review is of the official English release from Vertical (Kodansha Books).
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Japanese Title: 美少年探偵団 — Bishonen Tanteidan
Author: Nisioisin – 西尾 維新
Illustrator: Kinako – キナコ
Publisher (English): Vertical (Kodansha Books)
Translator: Winifred Bird
Release Date (English): December 29, 2020
Publisher (Japan): Kodansha Taiga
Release Date (Japan): December 17, 2015
Volumes Released (Japan to Date): 11 (Complete)
Anime Series: Yes! Premiering April 2021
Manga: Licensed by Vertical (Kodansha Manga) Releases July 6, 2021

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