Revelation Game – New Cover & Totally Free

In September of 2013 I released a short novella (about 15,000 words) called Revelation Game.

It was one of those stories that snuck up on me and refused to go away until it was written.

Since then, it’s been available exclusively on Amazon.

Until Today!

As of today, Revelation Game is 100% free for all time. That’s right, no sale, no time limit, it’s FREE!

To be honest, I decided to do this because a) it’s not selling and b) I like it and want it in the hands of more readers.

So you officially have nothing to lose. You can download the Epub directly from my site, or head over to Smashwords and grab whatever format you want.

And to celebrate the change, Revelation Game is sporting a swanky new cover. Hope you all check it out and enjoy!