Seven Seas to Publish Physical Copies of Select J-Novel Club Titles

[one_third]Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash[/one_third]

[two_third_last]Today saw a big announcement of interest to Light Novel fans! J-Novel Club has made a deal with Seven Seas Entertainment that will see two of J-Novel Club’s titles printed into physical releases!

The initial run will be of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash and Occultic;Nine.

I’ve reviewed Grimgar and think it’s a fantastic series. I know a lot of fans who expressed a desire to read it, but were hesitant because of it being a digital only release. But no longer!

The first volume of Grimgar will be released in June, followed by Occultic;Nine volume 1 in July. No confirmed timeline as to how quickly following volumes will be released, but J-Novel Club is already releasing the volume twos of these books digitally only three months after the first volumes.

The books are priced at $13.99/US and $15.99/CAN.[/two_third_last]