From Dark of the Moon – Optimus Prime!

Optimus Prime from Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon

OK, I admit it, I’m a bit of a freak for Transformers. Almost as big a fan as I am Doctor Who. So each time something new in the franchise comes along, I’m a little excited for it.

The best part is, my 7yo son is a fan too. So I have a perfect excuse to make trips to Toys-R-Us and check out the latest toys ๐Ÿ™‚

But hey, you all know that, right? I mean, this is the blog space that trumpeted the pics of the Megatron and Shockwave toys.

Confession: My favourite transformer of all-time is Optimus Prime.

When I was a kid, I had to have every version of Optimus Prime. It didn’t matter whether it was a repaint, a mini, or a bat, monkey, etc. If it was the current version of Optimus, I had to have it. No other transformer inspired such loyalty.

While I wasn’t a huge fan ofย  the flames, I loved how Optimus was envisioned in the live action films. I darn near squealed when the classic Gen. 1 voice of Peter Cullen started with the intro. And man, it was awesome to see Optimus unleash some kick-ass. I mean, the forest fight in the second movie? Damn.

And the third movie Dark of the Moon? It looks like it’s going to deliver some more Optimus-ownin-Decepticon-butt action. Yes, my hopes for the third film are getting elevated with each released trailer.

So along comes the requisite refresh of the Optimus toy for the third movie. No huge surprises here. It looks pretty standard to the previous versions. Clearly they’ve altered the transformation a bit, but that’s to be expected.

But oh wait….

What’s that?

Booyah, Optimus Prime with a trailer!!! OK, my hopes for this film just went Kerplow! Other than the flames, what was the thing we fanboys bitched about in regards to Optimus’ appearance in film one? Yup, where’s the trailer?


Not only fixed, but I’m laying odds plays a part in the plot, cause lookey what Optimus becomes with his trailer….

Some super crazy powered up – winged – version. Yeah, I’m thinkin this version of Optimus is going to own. I hope it isn’t a wimp out and just turns out to be his “Fly me to the moon” outfit.

All this hype is thanks to the good folks of Tomopop.

So verdict? Excited. OK, yeah, Michael Bay, I’ll be in the theatre. PLEASE let it be as good, no, better, than the first movie. Between this toy and the Superbowl trailer, I’m starting to get hyped!

The Decepticon Shockwave

Shockwave toy from Transformers Dark of the MoonIf you’re an old-school transformers fan such as myself, then you had to be a little excited when it was announced Shockwave would be the main big bad in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

While Shockwave in the cartoon didn’t do too much for me, his comic book iteration was badass. I mean, this is the guy who burst in at the end of issue four of the classic Marvel run and by issue five had iced every Autobot and had Optimus Prime’s head, literally! Shockwave was this large and incredible menace that for many issues stood at the head of the Decepticon army. Too bad Ratchet and those pesky Dinobots had to mess everything up ๐Ÿ™‚

The question remains, will this third Transformers film manage to deliver, or will it be the crude comedy, racial sterotype, lack of plot piece of crap the second film was.

Based on the two toys we’ve seen so far, it at least looks like the visuals are going in the right direction. I mean, Shockwave is PURPLE!! How awesome is that?

Please, please Michael Bay, don’t make this film suck.

Visit Tomopop for more images

LEGO? Japanese Toys? Cartoons? I Thought this was a Writing Blog…

There comes a time in a blogger’s life when s/he must ask that essential, universal, question; Why am I here?

No, not so much in the existential way, rather the concrete why bother to have a blog and if I do bother, what will it contain, kind of way.

So here I’ve been, asking the question. Perhaps Shakespeare would have said, “To blog or not to blog, that is the question.” And it’s been the question I’ve wrestled with lately.

When I started this blog, I was fresh from a high of starting to feel like a writer. I delved right into articles about the writing craft and my series on the Hero’s Journey. Thing is, I didn’t have a lot of fun.

Why was that?

Because it was work. Because it took time and energy away from the thing I really wanted to be writing, The Veil.

So, once my series on the Hero’s Journey was done, I pretty much left this place alone. I’ve posted maybe once a month the past two or three months. The simple fact was, I couldn’t think of what to write. I’ve been so focused on trying to get to the end of The Veil that spending time and energy here seemed like a waste.

Until the other day.

Yesterday, to be more precise.

Because I saw something so cool, so fun, I just wanted to post it on my blog. Which is when it occurred to me. All the things I love, all the anime, toys, bobbles and carry-overs from my childhood are the things that make me the writer I am. When I sit down to watch a movie, an anime or even play an RPG, it influences me. For that time, I am lost and inspired and my imagination is freed from the daily grind of putting food on the table and being a good father and husband. In those moments of complete geek-tastic euphoria, my mind finds pathways in my story that I never did just staring at the computer screen.

So that’s what this blog is going to be about; the things that excite me. You’ll see toys, anime, movies, books, all the things that I love, enjoy and get excited about.

I’m sorry if that’s not why you’re here or what you want to see.

But that’s where I am right now, and it’s what this blog needs to be.

I will write posts about the things I discover about writing.

I will write posts about what I’m doing during the writing, editing and, let’s hope, the efforts to get my work published.

I hope you’ll hang around. I hope you’ll bear with my childish indulgences. I hope as time goes on, I’ll write something that will make it worth your time.

Aim for the Top! GUNBUSTER!!!

And now for a little desk inspiration for you Mecha fanatics.

Revoltech is a series of figures made by Kaiyodo of Japan. What makes the figures stand out is their large amount of articulation, and usually a large assortment of accessories. The figure you see above is number 101.ย  You can see a full list of the available figures on Wikipedia.

What is this glorious figure? Why, it’s the powerful mecha, Gunbuster!

In 1988, Gainax created a six part OVA series entitle Aim for the Top! Gunbuster. One of the factoids that makes this important is that it marked the directorial debut of Hideaki Anno, who would go on to create a little series called Neon Genesis Evangelion (One of my faves. You’ll see me gush about it eventually).

What I love about this figure is all the details. You can recreate virtually every major moment of the OVA with the pose-ability and accessories this figure comes with. And it’s only $27! I might, might, have to give this to myself for Christmas.


So the excellent toy site Tomopop has some leaked images of toys from the new Transformers movie, Dark of the Moon.

I’m liking the cloak vibe on, what I’m guessing is, Megatron. Not sure how I feel about him being some sort of tanker truck. Long-time fans of Transformers would know that Megatron has been jets and tanks in various incarnations of the shows and comics, so those weren’t too much of a stretch… but a tanker truck? Hmmm. Still, I like the vibe of the robot mode.

I wonder if they can get this third movie right. The first movie was a straight ahead action flick with a simple, yet effective, origin story. It seemed with the second film that the writers lost their way. Not only did it have crude and sexual humour that seemed out of place in a Transformers movie, it also had a plot that seemed too ambitious. While creating a character supposedly as important as the Fallen (I mean, the father of the Decepticons?!) they actually made the Decepticons seem weak. I mean, Optimus owned the Fallen in a matter of three minutes! Hardly an epic battle.

I’m liking the new teaser trailer for Dark of the Moon that’s circulating around the web. Maybe they learned from the last movie and are looking to deliver the goods this time. Us old Transformers fans can only hope!