The Decepticon Shockwave

Shockwave toy from Transformers Dark of the MoonIf you’re an old-school transformers fan such as myself, then you had to be a little excited when it was announced Shockwave would be the main big bad in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

While Shockwave in the cartoon didn’t do too much for me, his comic book iteration was badass. I mean, this is the guy who burst in at the end of issue four of the classic Marvel run and by issue five had iced every Autobot and had Optimus Prime’s head, literally! Shockwave was this large and incredible menace that for many issues stood at the head of the Decepticon army. Too bad Ratchet and those pesky Dinobots had to mess everything up 🙂

The question remains, will this third Transformers film manage to deliver, or will it be the crude comedy, racial sterotype, lack of plot piece of crap the second film was.

Based on the two toys we’ve seen so far, it at least looks like the visuals are going in the right direction. I mean, Shockwave is PURPLE!! How awesome is that?

Please, please Michael Bay, don’t make this film suck.

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2 thoughts on “The Decepticon Shockwave”

  1. I totally love the dorkiness of this post!

    I loved the first one and was hugely disappointed by the second (what was with all the irritating, unnecessary characters??). I’m just happy Megan Fox is out of the picture…

    1. Well you shouldn’t be in any way surprised by my level of dorkiness 🙂

      Yes, Megan Fox being gone is good first step, but they turned around and replaced her with another “hot” girl. In my opinion, this is an excellent example of a writer/director deciding what an audience wants without even considering their audience.

      The reality is, the people who really want transformers movies don’t give a hoot about the “human” story. We want to see cool look robots trash each other. Shia, Megan, they can all leave and it would only improve the movies for me.

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