The Bleeding Worlds Book One Harbinger

The Bleeding Worlds Gets a New Look

Hi there all!

My, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post exclusive to this site. In general, I’ve just been posting my YouTube work. But this is a big thing, so it needs to be here!

It’s taken a while of planning and then working with an artist, but The Bleeding Worlds books are getting brand new, all exclusive, covers!

Back when I first released the series, I used stock imagery for the main male figure. It was always my hope to have original covers, but it took some time and money to realize that desire. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the new covers…

The artist is Starbottle. You can check out more of her work on her Pixiv page.

These covers will go live later this month. I’m just waiting for final approval for the 4th book files and for the old versions to be listed as out of print. EBooks will be updated and should automatically have the new covers if you update your downloaded files.

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support for the series. I’m so pleased with these covers and I hope they help a whole new group find this series.

I am working on something new, but it’s slow days right now. Hopefully will have something more to talk about in coming months. Until then, all the best!