Update on Ragnarok, The Bleeding Worlds Book Four

Hello Everyone.

I realize it’s been a long time since I sat down and typed out an update on Ragnarok’s progress.

Truth is, I guess I feel ashamed, because every time I update, it’s to say the book is further delayed.

I don’t have a good reason, I’ll just be honest. I’ve spent a good chunk of the past two years doing no writing. I could go on at length about why, but it boils down to being discouraged. I don’t know how many times I started Ragnarok, just to delete it all and start over.¬†Even once I got off to a decent start, there were chapters that made me so frustrated, they were terminated and started again. Sometimes I’d write things, feel ok, then come back the next day, only to find my previous day’s work painted me into an inescapable corner. Delete, delete, delete. Listen, if you every want to write, plan things out in detail ahead of time. Being a partial planner, or pantser, can be very disheartening.

So is the book ever coming out? I’m sure some of you have wondered. There’s been days I kind of wondered the same.

But it is coming along now. My pace has been steadier over the past few months. Not huge word counts per day, but steady. The ending is in sight. And I think I’ve written some pretty decent stuff.

God, I hope all of you think so too when you read it. It makes me nervous, the thought of you being disappointed.

And you’re all reading this saying, “Yeah, yeah, when’s the book coming out?”

I wish I could give you a definite answer. What I will say is it will be out as soon as I can. Truthfully, I’m tired of prolonging this. I want to type those words, The End, and mean them. Not to mention I’ve been keeping a bunch of other ideas at bay so I can focus on this book.

I’m sorry it’s taken so long. I promise you will have that book in your hands soon.

Thank you for hanging in there.

JR Stone.