Welcome to my webspace!  I’m currently working on my first novel written for the Young Adult market.  It is a science-fiction/fantasy novel.  I have just started and I’m only 9,000 words in.  This blog will be my journey of writing the book, editing the book and getting it published.  After those amazing feats are completed, I suppose this will become a blog that follows me on my journey in writing future novels and promoting the one I already have out.

I’m not ambitious at all 😉

So welcome, and I hope you find something interesting in the journey I’m taking.  Since I’m not an accomplished writer with loads of advice to share on my own, I’ll also be posting links to the people, websites and articles I have found useful.

And this is where it all begins….

3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Best of luck on your journey =] I’m working on getting my second novel written, still have to rewrite the first. Mine are SpecFic for adults, so my journey is quite similar to yours.

  2. Nice site — keep it up (the writing, that is). From one civil servant to another — also in Ontario, writing YA! Its a long and winding road… have fun.

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