No Game No Life Volume 6 Light Novel Review

Review of the light novel No Game No Life Volume 6 by Yuu Kamiya
How did humanity survive the Great War? Which 2 individuals stood at the forefront of the movement to bring the war to an end. It’s Prequel Time!

TITLE: No Game No Life
AKA: ノーゲーム・ノーライフ, NGNL, NogeNora
AUTHOR: Yuu Kamiya
PUBLISHER (English): Yen On
RELEASE DATE (English): July 25, 2017
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PUBLISHER (Japan): MF Bunko J (Media Factory)
RELEASE DATE (Japan): April 24, 2015
VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date): 9 (most recent volume was released August 2016)
ANIME SERIES: 12 Episodes. Aired April 9-June 25, 2014. Covered volumes 1-3.
Movie covering volume 6 released July 2017

From the back cover:

Before Sora and Shiro set foot on Disboard, there was another remarkable duo!!

Tet, the One True God, takes a break to amuse himself among the mortals only to collapse on the streets of Elkia. When a familiar face finds him and lends a helping hand, the God of Play regales her with a tale from the Great War about a human man who challenged the world and a strange girl who sought to comprehend the human heart…

Let the games begin!

The Faraway Paladin Volume 2 Light Novel Review

Review of the light novel The Faraway Paladin Volume 2 by Kanata Yanagino

TITLE: The Faraway Paladin
AKA: Saihate no Paladin, 最果てのパラディン
AUTHOR: Kanata Yanagino
PUBLISHER (English): J-Novel Club
RELEASE DATE (English): April 27, 2017
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PUBLISHER (Japan): Overlap Bunko
RELEASE DATE (Japan): July 25, 2016
VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date): 4 (Most recent released December 2016)

From the back cover:

Will has come of age. As a sorcerer, warrior, and priest of Gracefeel, he departs the city and temple where he was raised on a journey to the north. It’s been two hundred years since the battle against the High King of the Eternals. Are there any humans left in this world and, if there are, will they accept Will with open arms, or see him as an enemy?


Light Novel Releases for August 2017

Here are the upcoming light novels being released in August 2017
A very busy month for light novel releases! Twenty titles are coming out in August, with a few new series starts and many continuations of A list tiles.

August 3, 2017

How a Realist Hero Saved the Kingdom Volume 3

With the subjugation of the Principality of Amidonia accomplished, Souma, the provisional king, begins the post-war cleanup process with his next move, Project Lorelei. It is an entertainment program that uses the Jewel Voice Broadcast. It was originally only thought that this program would amuse the people of the Kingdom, but it is being broadcast in occupied Van, too. What does Souma hope to accomplish with that…?! Then, when Souma takes some time off to rest in the capital of Amidonia, Van, with Juna and Tomoe, he encounters Jeanne Euphoria, the younger sister of the Empress of the Gran Chaos Empire.
What sort of “negotiation” does the “realistic” Jeanne, who supports her idealistic sister, have in store for Souma…?! The revolutionary transferred-to-another-world administrative fantasy is now on it’s third volume!

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Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Volume 5

Harumi has a special favor to ask Yurika concerning Koutarou, but Yurika will have her own set of relationship problems when a new transfer student shows up at school the next day. The new girl—Aika Maki—is an acquaintance of hers, but she’s not the old cosplay friend everyone seems to think she is. If what Yurika says is true, Maki is the evil magical girl that she’s been trying to warn the others about all along. The biggest danger now may be that no one believes her.

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August 8, 2017

Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash Volume 2 (Paperback Release)

“…We can’t abandon him. Or rather, I don’t think we should.”

Haruhiro and the others who were taken away to the unfamiliar world of Grimgar have now gained experience and are finally maturing as volunteer soldiers. In order to bring things up a level, they’ve traveled to a new dungeon, the Cyrene Mines, but this is also the place where Merry, the newest addition to their party, once lost her comrades.

Haruhiro thought their exploration would go easily, but one member of the party is unexpectedly separated from the rest, and they are all attacked by the famous giant kobold, Death Spots.

With new trials to overcome, the tale of adventure born from the ashes enters its second chapter!

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August 10, 2017

Clockwork Planet Volume 1

From the author of No Game No Life!

–I know this is sudden, but the world had already collapsed long ago. Earth had died, but the entire planet was reconstructed and reproduced using clockwork – “The Clockwork Planet.”
One day, a black box suddenly crashed into the house of Naoto Miura, a high school failure, from above. Inside was– an automata girl.
“For me to be forced to sleep for as long as two hundred years from just one little fault, has the intelligence of humanity still yet to exceed even that of a flea?”

A gearhead fantasy meshed together by Yuu Kamiya and Tsubaki Himana!

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August 11, 2017

In Another World With My Smartphone Volume 4

16-year-old Mochizuki Touya marches across the blazing desert sands toward the Burning Kingdom of Sandora. His goal? The Second Babylon. But once again, his journey is not so simple. The land is fraught with danger, and the cryptic words of an ancient doctor echo in the back of his mind. The Phrase rear their ugly heads, the dimensional boundary of the world begins to strain, and the mysterious monochrome boy, Ende, appears once more to puzzle Touya and friends. To make matters worse, a government starts to crumble, falling on the cusp of a military coup! Can Touya and his ever-growing band of adventurers stand against the combined forces of chaotic fate? Or will he finally meet his match? The curtains rise once more on a tale of swords, sorcery, and unnecessary housing renovations.

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August 18, 2007

Paying to Win in a VRMMO Volume 4

Iris has accept Nem’s challenge for a fantasy fashion battle, and the day is drawing near. There’s only one condition: Ichiro’s not allowed to help in any way! As Iris strains to find the inspiration (and the funds) to conquer a professional designer, other players appear with an intent to influence the competition from behind the scenes!

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August 19. 2017

My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World Volume 5

Between a secret battle to reassemble a dismembered evil god and a threat from destiny-altering beings waiting in the wings, the world’s strongest little brother seems to have enough on his mind. But there’s even more waiting in store for Yuichi Sakaki, and things are about to get more chaotic by the week. Soon, a yakuza gang is stalking his little sister, a demon doll is stalking Aiko, an overzealous archer is stalking him… and that’s only the beginning!

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August 22, 2017

The Asterisk War Volume 4

Ayato’s weakness–the time limit on his power–has been discovered. As he and Julis concoct a new strategy, they make contact with the Tyrant, Dirk, who has information about his sister Haruka. There, Ayato learns the shocking truth, just in time for the semifinals…!

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A Certain Magical Index Volume 12

September 30th. As the seasons change in Academy City, so do the seasonal clothes. Mikoto Misaka, talented esper student of the elite Tokiwadai Middle School that stands above the hustle and bustle of the city, waits in front of the concert hall for her companion. But…he never arrives. There is no trace at all of that young man who was supposed to show up to accept his punishment game. Mikoto sighs as she cradles her too-thin schoolbag and the violin case she’d been holding all the while but now–

When Touma Kamijou and Mikoto Misaka finally cross paths, the school comedy that revolves around a punishment game will begin!

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The Devil is a Part-Timer Volume 8

Emi’s going to Ente Isla with Alas Ramus! Still in Japan, Maou decides to get his driver’s license for his work at MgRonald, but he can’t help worrying when Emi’s return date passes without her arrival. After his apprehension causes him to bomb his exam, the Devil King meets a strange pair strangely unsuited to Japan… Could they know something about Emi?!

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Goblin Slayer Volume 3

With the arrival of autumn comes the Harvest Festival, and everyone is in a celebratory mood. Dwarf Shaman, Priestess, and even Female Knight help with preparations for the revelries, but Guild Girl has her eyes fixed on an even greater prize – a date with Goblin Slayer! With no goblins around, the awkward adventurer has no reason to refuse, but where does that leave his old friend Cow Girl…? Emotional entanglements are in the air, but Goblin Slayer senses some menace lurking behind these seemingly peaceful days…

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The Irregular at Magic High School Volume 5

After the conclusion of the Nine School Competition, summer arrives in force, bringing with it that most precious salvation for students – vacation! Shizuku invites Tatsuya, Miyuki, and their friends to her family’s island villa for a bit of fun in the sun, but all of this is just a pretext to set the perfect, tropical stage for Honoka. Meanwhile, the ace of Third High, Masaki, entertains Kichijouji at home, unaware of his partner’s struggle…or jealousy. Shun finds himself playing bodyguard to a beautiful foreigner, and Emi is cornered for a secret she can’t reveal at any cost. The one who’s got it toughest, though, is Mayumi who’s desperate to find the next student council president before time runs out!

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Konosuba Volume 3

It’s been nearly a year since Kazuma and his useless goddess began their life in another world. After saving the town of Axel from the Mobile Fortress Destroyer, Kazuma is arrested for teleporting a time bomb to the house of a lord. Thanks to Aqua’s unhelpful testimony, Kazuma is sentenced to die…again!

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Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers Volume 2

After discovering the seventh Brave and escaping her trap, the newly assembled Braves of the Six Flowers set off to fight the Evil God–only to find yet another Brave! With the clock ticking until the Evil God awakens, the seven set off into the Howling Vilelands with the impostor in their midst. A fiend appears, telling Mora her time is short. Not only that, but a commander of the fiends suddenly appears before the Braves. Could the seventh have something to do with it? Amid the chaos, a fierce battle begins!

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Sword Art Online Volume 11

It’s been two years since Kirito entered another mysterious fantasy world and met the boy named Eugeo. At the Northern Centoria Master Swordsmanship Academy, the two of them have advanced to become upper rank trainee swordsmen. Now they spend their days training, aiming to one day earn the rank of Integrity Knight, the greatest peacekeepers in the human world. Soon, appropriate for their new ranks, both Kirito and Eugeo are assigned apprentices and they all deepen their bonds while perfecting their bodies and minds. But suddenly, an evil rears its head and threatens their peaceful lives. Eugeo tries to draw his sword to fight but he finds himself helpless as a message appears in words he can’t read. They say–SYSTEM ALERT.

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If It’s For My Daughter I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Volume 2

“Dale, Dale! It’s the ocean! Can we go?!”
“Calm down, Latina.”
It’s been two years since the adorable child Latina was saved by first-rate adventurer Dale, and things are going well.
Dale decides to return to his home village, Tisrow, and brings Latina along on his journey. Normally mature for her age, the devil girl is surprisingly worked up about her first trip, and the two set out full of excitement.

What kind of things will Latina get to see, and can she possibly get ANY cuter? She better not, or Dale’s heart won’t be able to take it!

It’s time for If It’s for My Daughter Volume 2!

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August 28, 2017

Demon King Daimaou Volume 2

Ever since the Demon King prophecy, Akuto Sai has had nothing but bad luck. He’s still having trouble controlling his magic, and to make matters worse, he yet again ended up blowing off Junko Hattori’s clothes. While attempting to train his mind through meditation, he finds an ancient treasure map. Not wanting to deal with yet another distraction from his studies, he tries to keep the map a secret, but to no avail. Once the map leaks out, the school breaks out in chaos as the students try to find the lost treasure.

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August 29, 2017

Nisemonogatari Volume 2

Originally planned to be the series’ conclusion, “final” chapter “Tsukihi Phoenix” invites us back to the seemingly eventless country burg where supernatural afflictions abound and characters change their trademark hairstyles at the drop of a hat. Rest assured, dear reader, that the story continued in Japanese and will do so in translation.

In the first half of Fake Tale, lost soul Araragi helped resolve his bigger little sister Karen’s feverish run-in with a fraud. In this second half, he must attend to his littler little sister Tsukihi’s issues, but not before staging the Toothbrush Episode that the acclaimed anime adaptation’s viewers find quite memorable—whether they like to or not.

As fraught with ominousness as a dark empty street, as unexpectedly full of feeling as an acid-tongued girlfriend, as sidesplittingly funny as a horny retired jock, and (maybe even) as educational as college in the best MONOGATARI tradition, this volume also introduces us to “ghostbusters” Yozuru Kagenui and Yotsugi Ononoki.

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Mikagura School Suite Volume 1

Eruna Ichinomiya is preparing to enter high school, but there’s just one problem―none of the schools interest her! The uniforms are all too boring, until she discovers Mikagura Academy. After Eruna miraculously passes the entrance exam, she discovers that Mikagura Academy isn’t a typical school. Mikagura Academy only allows students to form culture-themed school clubs, participation in those clubs is compulsory, and there is a battle system where students must compete with each other as representatives of their clubs. Now Eruna must discover her own power and win her first battle!

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Infinite Dendrogram Volume 2

After an unexpectedly challenging journey, Ray and his party finally arrive at Gideon, The City of Duels.
The mere sight of the towering arenas and thriving fantasy townscapes is enough to instantly awe and enchant him. However — like anything that stands tall and proud — the city cast a great, dark shadow.
The name of this shadow is the Gouz-Maise gang — a loathsome band of cutthroats who turn their profit kidnapping children and demanding ransom.
Ray, wide-eyed and innocent, was blissfully unaware of just how cruel the hyper-realistic world of Infinite Dendrogram would become.

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Infinite Dendrogram Volume 1 Light Novel Review

Review of the light novel Infinite Dendrogram Volume 1 by Sakon Kaidou.
The story of a boy exploring a VRMMO RPG. No, he isn’t trapped, nor has he been swept away to another world. He’s just playing a very realistic game. And it’s pretty good!

TITLE: Infinite Dendrogram
AKA: <Infinite Dendrogram> , インフィニット・デンドログラム
AUTHOR: Sakon Kaidou
PUBLISHER (English): J-Novel Club
RELEASE DATE (English): July 10, 2017
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PUBLISHER (Japan): HJ Bunko (Hobby Japan)
RELEASE DATE (Japan): October 29, 2016
VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date): 4 Volumes (most recent released July 1, 2017)

From the back cover:

In the year 2043, Infinite Dendrogram, the world’s first successful full-dive VRMMO was released. In addition to its ability to perfectly simulate the five senses, along with its many other amazing features, the game promised to offer players a world full of infinite possibilities. Nearly two years later, soon-to-be college freshman, Reiji Mukudori, is finally able to buy a copy of the game and start playing. With some help from his experienced older brother, Shu, and his partner Embryo, Reiji embarks on an adventure into the world of Infinite Dendrogram. Just what will he discover and encounter in this game world known for its incredible realism and infinite possibilities?

Psycome Volume 2 Light Novel Review

Review of the light novel Psycome Volume 2 by Mizuki Mizushiro.
The teenage killers are sent to a punishing camp to help “reform” them.

TITLE: Psycome
AKA: Psycho Love Comedy, サイコメ
AUTHOR: Mizuki Mizushiro
PUBLISHER (English): Yen On
RELEASE DATE (English): October 25, 2016
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PUBLISHER (Japan): Famitsu Bunko (Enterbrain)
RELEASE DATE (Japan): April 30, 2013
VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date): 6 + 1 Volume of Short Stories (Complete – last volume published November 2014)

From the back cover:

Kyousuke Kamiya has only just started to get used to his life in the blood-spattered hellscape that is Purgatorium Remedial Academy and its twisted version of school life. The architect of this series of gruesomely parodic extracurricular activities is the beautiful, charming Saki Shamaya–also known as the “Princess of Murder,” a serial killer responsible for twenty-one deaths!

Demon King Daimaou Volume 1 Light Novel Review

Review of the light novel Demon King Daimaou Volume 1 by Shoutarou Mizuki.
Harry Potter goes to Hogwarts, and instead of joining Gryffindor, he’s told he will be the next Voldemort. And then he gets a harem. Yeah, that’s pretty much Demon King Daimaou.

TITLE: Demon King Daimaou
AKA: Demon King Daimao, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, いちばんうしろの大魔王
AUTHOR: Shoutarou Mizuki
PUBLISHER (English): J-Novel Club
RELEASE DATE (English): July 2, 2017
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PUBLISHER (Japan): (Hobby Japan) HJ Bunko
RELEASE DATE (Japan): February 1, 2008
VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date) 13 (Complete – Last volume published in March 2014)
ANIME SERIES: 12 Episodes airing April 2, 2010-June 18, 2010. Anime covered the first 5 volumes of the light novel series.

From the back cover:

Far in the future, Japan has become a land ruled by magic and those who wield it. Akuto Sai arrives at Constant Magical Academy—the most prestigious magic school in the world—for his first year of high school. The only student to pass the Academy’s intense entrance exam, he has his sights set on become a High Priest, the most powerful and virtuous magician in the land. However, when he arrives at the Academy, his future occupation is prophesied to be… The Demon King?! Now Akuto is the number one target on campus, and he must navigate his way with the help of his friends—a troublesome delinquent, a beautiful observer android, an honor-bound class representative, and a mysterious girl from his past—through the seedy underbelly of the world’s premier magic academy.

The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress Volume 1 Light Novel Review

Review of the light novel The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress Volume 1 by SOW.
An ex-soldier opens a bakery, but people are too afraid of him to buy his bread. So he hires a cute waitress with a big secret!
The English version is available exclusively via Bookwalker Global (

TITLE: The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress
AKA: Tatakau Panya to Automaton Waitress, 戦うパン屋と機械じかけの看板娘
PUBLISHER (English): Bookwalker Global
RELEASE DATE (English): June 30, 2017

PUBLISHER (Japan): (Hobby Japan) HJ Bunko
RELEASE DATE (Japan): April 1, 2015
VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date): 6 (latest volume released December 29, 2016)

From the back cover:

The war hero known as Silver Wolf – Lud Langart – pilots a humanoid assault weapon while he dreams of life as a baker. With the war over, Lud now peacefully runs his bakery, but thanks to his frightening scowl, he can’t sell a single loaf of bread. After posting an ad for a waitress in a last ditch effort to save his business, who should reply but a beautiful silver-haired, red-eyed young girl. What Lud doesn’t know is that this new waitress was born from Avei, his AI partner installed in the humanoid assault weapon he piloted during the war.


The light novel featured in this review is the official English release. The copy reviewed was provided by the publisher. No other money was provided. All opinions are my own and were not paid for.