My Interview with The Web Light Novel and Manga Review Podcast

I got to speak to Zeke Changuris on his new podcast WLNM – The Web Light Novel and Manga Podcast.

It was nice to focus on my own work, The Bleeding Worlds. While I love my work with reviewing and promoting light novels, it’s a nice change of pace to speak about my other passion.

I think this podcast Zeke is producing is also a major boon for independent authors and manga creators. While a number of us who create in that space are doing what we can to bring more attention to our community, it’s nice to have someone else investing time and effort to celebrate our creations.

The WLNM Podcast is still in its early days, I’m only the fourth guest. But I know Zeke has spoken to others beyond me and I believe his passion for this project is going to see this continue far into the future. Make sure to subscribe to his channel on YouTube or to his Podbean channel. And beyond that, check out the artists he features.

The internet is a big place and trying to find an audience can be challenging. It’s a pleasure to have someone trying to aid indies in that journey.

Exciting Times! Harbinger Release and My First Interview

It’s an exciting and surreal time. Today marks the official release date of Harbinger. There’s been so much leading up to this that my mind boggles with all the things I’ve done, and haven’t done, to prepare for this moment. I wish I’d done more to set up promotions ahead of time like contests, blog tours, and getting Harbinger out to book bloggers. Well, I suppose that work will start now. Advance hype is nice, but I’ll take any hype I can get 😉

However, an amazing opportunity came my way by total surprise (I love it when the universe does that). Elizabeth Craig, author and writing advice guru (she has a really helpful twitter feed at, sent me an email asking me to do an interview for her Writer’s Knowledge Database newsletter. I didn’t hesitate a moment before saying YES! I’ll be posting the full interview here after it’s been delivered to their subscribers. It was a really great boost for me just ahead of Harbinger’s release date. My very first author interview 🙂 It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I also created a dedicated website for The Bleeding Worlds series. While I’ll always feature all my books here on this website, I figured it was best to have a central location for all Bleeding Worlds related information.

So here I am, a published author. To those of you who’ve stayed subscribed to the site during my slow periods, and those of you who’ve helped me through the writing and editing of this book, a huge Thank You to you all. It doesn’t quite seem real to go to and see my book there. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Take care everyone. Much more ahead.