Video Game Poetry – Child of Light

More and more, video games become my source of entertainment and inspiration.

Particularly with the rise of Indie games and even large studios taking a chance on less “commercial” games. With the age of downloads, iTunes Stores, etc, companies seem far more willing to take a chance with more niche projects.

A game I recently learned about fitting this mold is Child of Light. It’s being produced by a smaller development team within Ubisoft called Ubi-Art.

I read somewhere (forgive me for not quoting, but I’ve lost the link) the developers wanted this game to be like playing through poetry. Check out the gameplay trailer below, and I think you’ll agree they succeeded.


Just watching this fills me with inspiration and makes me want to write fairy tales.

But don’t worry, Bleeding Worlds will be finished first 😉

This releases at the end of April. I’ll absolutely be buying it, and I’ll give you some thoughts.

What do you think? Look enticing, or not your thing?

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